Just less than 1 month my Nike Sportband – failure

How could it happened. The Sport Equipment that stand to any torture now has only 0ne month life. March 2012 I been in Singapore to Vivo City, Singapore the place that I purchased the Nike SportBand and  Speed Cell. The cell which was implanted into my walking shoes so far working fine.

To my disappoint , when I got back to Jakarta – Indonesia, the tool works only one week then all of sudden  by 20 April 2012, its RIP. For your information, I am not a runner or breeze  walker. Just made 3 km/hr. Not more than that.

Trouble is all the receipts been dumped into Garbage been as don’t want any trouble with custom question.

Now my Speed Cell is just a piece of Junk. I only have a Blackberry which is not compatible with..