casing trouble


Finaly drilling the 17-1/2” hole section has concluded after several difficulties with tight hole and lost circulation zone. Typical drilling on carbonate reefs  in Offshore West Papua.

Next operation was running 13-3/8” casing to isolate the trouble thief zone.

Casing was run after encountering some difficulties of tight zone. Having cemented the Jackup drilling crews do some Blow Out Prevention work on spider web.

Unfortunately the triptank discharge pump also had some troubles to keep filling up the fluid inside the isolated-casing-cemented- hole. But no worries too much, the well are closed now – term for no communication between formation and rig. Once in every hours drillers are toping up the well by pumping the mud from the active pits.

But the mudlogger seen something not quite right. The level on the active pit was going down every time fillingup operation was performed. Simple words – the well taking mud.  As his responsibility he talk to driller about this anomaly. The response was : check your pit sensor whether is working or not.  Toolpusher pay a visit to logger shack – his gesture simply saying “stupid sample catcher – don’t you realized the well are now got thick steel wall and isolated by best cementing material.”

After the Triptank pump back to services,  the fact are there dueto well taking another extra mud.

This time poor lad coming to see the Company Man on duty.

Flowcheck  was made. Suspect the casing was collapsed.

To confirm, an impression block was brought to rigfloor and ran in the hole with drillcollar and drill pipe. Tight section inside casing tagged around 100meter above casing shoe. On surface the impression showing that casing was parted and the lips was sit  in the centre of the hole. Obviously there is an open section that channeling between wellbore to the thieves carbonate formation.

A sidetrack was made and next operation running smoothly.

But no one even bother to thanks to poor mudlogger for his spotting the problems.  He just happy become a hero – for himself. Moral of story. Doing a good job as mudlogger just like wetting on your pant. Only you feel the warm.