Ten Commands For Writing Your Love Story

Masih bingung mengapa ada orang rajin sekali menulis di blog, maka tidak ada salahnya anda menyimak tulisan dari pengarang Graham Ascough.

  1. Write with a sense of positive expectancy – Believe you have a story worth telling and leave a legacy for family and friends.
  2. Awaken the writer within – Begin now! You may be surprised to find what talent you have for this task.
  3. Write to communicate not to impress – Tell people about what you think and feel and not just what you have accomplished.
  4. You dont have to be perfect – Writing gives you the freedom to express yourself. Do not compare yourself with anyone else.
  5. Write with your head and heart – it has to be believe and entertaining. Live the moment you are writing about as you convey your thoughts to the page. Capture the mood. Readers will feel that what you are sharing is important to you.
  6. Write with honesty – elements of conflicts, humour and pathos. Tell your story as it was, not how you would have liked it to be. Reveal yourself. Let people see the various aspects of you the person.
  7. Writing is simply speaking on paper – Writing as you speak is like engaging in a one on one conversation. Be chatty and choose words from your own vocabulary.
  8. Writing is hardwork – Nothing of worthwhile nature is achieved without a lot of effort, perserverance and resolve.
  9. Write at your own pace – Make it a pleasurable hobby not a chore. Be discipline in setting aside time, but do not allow the project to dominate your life. Set your goals about how much and when to write, and review these regularly if necessary.
  10. Writing is a way of reviewing your life – Take time out for yourself as you review your life. You might not think that you have led terribly interesting life, but the chances are, once you start writing it all down you will be surprised by how eventful it has been.

Writing Your Life Story by Graham l. Ascough


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